Graphic Facilitation Training

//Graphic Facilitation Training

Graphic Facilitation Training

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Graphic Facilitation For The Graphically Challenged

What is Graphic Facilitation?

We’ve all sat in meetings bored to death by PowerPoint, watched ideas presented in a cluttered or disorganised manner, found ourselves lost and confused trying to follow a train of thought, and have walked away from meetings frustrated by the lack of progress.

As facilitators, it’s our job to stop the meeting madness!

Graphic facilitation is a powerful, versatile approach to facilitation that uses words, symbols, and imagery to capture and organise ideas with impact!

Why Learn Graphic Facilitation Skills?

Humans are wired for imagery. In relation to our other senses, vision is totally dominant: 30% of neurons in the brain’s cortex are devoted to vision, compared with only 2% for hearing. In practice, this means that people tend to not only engage better with visual content — they retain it far better than anything they hear.

Graphic facilitation taps into the power of the brain’s dominant sensory system to bring meetings to life with simple tools that anyone can use: paper and pens.

Learning graphic facilitation skills will equip you to run more creative, engaging, and effective training courses, workshops, and meetings.

Graphic Facilitation For The Graphically Challenged

Most facilitators we meet recognise the power of the flipchart but will admit they don’t use it anywhere near its full potential. The reason? They’ve never been trained.

Regardless of whether you aced art class or can’t draw to save your life, we will show you easy tips, tricks, and tools to help facilitators at any experience level.

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